This web portal is for customers of Viprinet only. If you are a partner please use the partner web portal:
To generate a free trial license for a router you have to login with your account credentials. If you did not register the router you want to create the trial license for yet, please do so by clicking on "Register Router" in the menu, enter the serial number and the support ID and confirm your partner. Click on "Search for a Router" and enter the serial number of the router. The router details are shown. Click on the button "Create Trial License". The generated license will activate all optional features of the router for a period of 30 days. Please note that at the end of the trial phase, the router will automatically reboot. After the trial phase the license will be locked for a month. After that you can activate the trial license again for another test period of 30 days. The trial license can be reactivated three times.

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